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2024 UNPSF Workshop 7: Strengthening Public Institutions for Climate Action May 31, 2024
Organized by
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), through 
its Project Office – United Nations Project office on Governance (UNPOG) of the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) 
The 2024 United Nations Public Service Forum will take place in Incheon, the Republic of Korea from 24 -26 June 2024 under the theme ‘Fostering Innovation amid Global Challenges: A Public Sector Perspective’.
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), through its Project Office on Governance (UNPOG) of the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) is organizing Workshop 7 on "Strengthening Public Institutions for Climate Action" during the 2024 United Nations Public Service Forum (UNPSF) from 24 - 26 June 2024 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. 
Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a critical moment. It intensifies heatwaves, droughts, flooding, wildfires and famines while threatening food production, submerging low-lying countries and cities as sea levels rise due to melting glaciers and increasingly extreme weather.
Tackling climate change demands a paradigm shift in mitigation and adaptation measures, financing, institutional arrangements, and coordination across national, regional, and local levels. Frontier technologies and digital transformation, alongside strategic foresight, have emerged as powerful catalysts to facilitate this shift, fostering collaboration, transparency, and data-driven decision-making across government at all levels.
This hands-on workshop aims to support participating countries in identifying transformative actions that contribute to building strong public institutions at all levels for climate action and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation, including through empowering sub-national/ local government in their efforts to localize climate action efforts. Additionally, the workshop aims to equip public institutions at all levels with tools to effectively address climate change through improved multilevel governance practices, innovative solutions, and strategic foresight. The workshop also aims to explore digital solutions and innovative forward-looking strategies to urgently identify key opportunities, gaps and challenges in addressing climate change.
Registration: By invitation only.
Note: For more information on 2024 UN Public Service Forum, including on registration, visit the 2024 UN Public Service Forum website
Presentation Materials
Welcome and Introduction
Introduction to the Theme
Session I: Multilevel Governance for Climate Action
Session II: Harnessing Digital Solutions in Public Institutions for Climate Action
Session III: Strategic Foresight for Climate Action
Contact Information
Ms. Hyeyoung Kim, Head, UN Project Office on Governance (UNPOG)/DPIDG/UN DESA
Ms. Ana Cristina Thorlund, Governance and Public Administration Expert, UNPOG/DPIDG/UN DESA | thorlund@un.org
Mr. Prabin Maharjan, Programme Management Expert, UNPOG/DPIDG/UN DESA | prabin.maharjan@un.org
Ms. Hye Kyung (Shelley) Choi, Senior Programme Management Assistant, UNPOG/DPIDG/UN DESA | choi9@un.org
UNPOG : 2024 UNPSF Workshop 7: Strengthening Public Institutions for Climate Action
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