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While young people around the world are among those left behind, the unemployed, the working poor and underemployed, they have the potential to be among those who stand to benefit the most from technological innovation and associated changes in the global economy. As part of UNPOG’s outreach program, the SDG Speech Contests were held in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, UNPOG’s youth programme has been further developed and UNPOG will organize the 3rd Youth Forum on SDG Implementation in November.

The youth prorgamme aims to raise awareness among young people and listen to the voice of the young. Besides, it encourages young people to get involved in the discussion on the implementation of the SDGs. As our youth present new perspectives, the youth programme would be an excellent opportunity for the UNPOG and other UN agencies to listen to the opinions of young individuals regarding the challenges they are facing. The innovative solutions for global problems suggested by the youth might be selected as brainstorming materials for those agencies in their future activities.
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