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Contribution* to the Compendium of Innovative E-Government December 24, 2013
The Compendium of Innovative e-Government contains practices from all regions while maintaining a geographical distribution. It embraces any theme that provides public value to the citizen. This Volume V of the Compendium covers a wide range of innovative practices, such as applications that increase the efficiency of public sector in finance, health, education, environment and a number of applications that foster citizens’ participation through open government platforms and approaches. It provides for the following trends on innovative applications of ICT in the public sector: a) extensive innovative use of mobile technologies especially in developing countries to provide for vital public services in health, education, disaster management, environment b) increased efforts to develop and adopt applications that reduce the digital divide for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, women, the disabled and youth, and c) across region adoption of open government approach in both data and public policy dialogue.

* 27 cases out of total 218 cases
UNPOG : Contribution* to the Compendium of Innovative E-Government
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