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Consultative Meeting on “E-Government for Sustainable Development” February 04, 2015
The final report of the Meeting is available at: http://2018.unpog.org/page/sub5_1.asp
UNPOG organised a Consultative Meeting on “E-Government for Sustainable Development”, a preparatory process for the United Nations E-Government Survey 2016, from 9 to 10 February 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, under the supervision and guidance of EGB/DPADM/UNDESA. 
It is a part of preparatory process for the United Nations E-Government Survey 2016 to offer a more inclusive, open and participatory approach in the design of the Survey, responding to the requests from Member States. There will be 7 consultative meetings all around the globe, and UNPOG prepares the one to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea for Asia and the Pacific region. The feedbacks and suggestions from those meetings will be compiled and presented to an Expert Group Meeting (EGM), which will be held on 16-17 March 2015 to discuss the themes and outline of the upcoming Survey in 2016.
Representatives from total number of 17 countries participated in the Meeting in Seoul, and there were three main sessions and a final wrap-session as follows:
  • The first session was devoted to exploring the theme of e-government for sustainable development. 
  • The second session provided an opportunity to clarify any doubts about the methodology of the Survey and offer feedback and recommendations through group and plenary session discussions.
  • The third session was devoted to advancing the conceptual framework of the Survey to discuss possible incorporation of new elements, such as how to better reflect different government levels and country’s characteristics. 
  • The fourth and final session was devoted to wrap-up final remarks highlighting main insights from the participants. It also aimed at gathering ideas and suggestions on types of activities that can be organized in the future in order to enhance the use of the Survey as a tool for capacity-building.
The outcome of the Meeting will be updated once the final report is completed, and for more information, please refer to the following link: 
UNPOG : Consultative Meeting on “E-Government for Sustainable Development”
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