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“The MUNSEO 24” by MOIS
“The MUNSEO 24” by MOIS
Mr. Citizen X is living in Korea under medical treatment at home for oxygen therapy, receiving social security and health care benefits. Mr. Citizen X used to have to visit administrative offices to apply for the payment of medical expenses, even though he had to suffer the inconvenience of going out with his oxygen devices. However, now it is possible to apply for medical benefits from the comfort of his home on the web without having to visit administrative offices because of "The Munseo 24" new digital government website (open. gdoc.go.kr).
The Ministry of Interior and Safety of Korea (MOIS) has developed the Online Public Services (Munseo 24), providing 24-hour online documentation services to every citizen anytime, anywhere who wants to submit or receive a public documentation. With the Munseo 24, it is expected to save up to 139 billion won (hardcopy printing cost, transportation cost, labor cost, etc.) every year. The documentation submitted by citizens through the Munseo 24 are delivered to the Korean government intranet system (On-Nara), where the government officials process and manage the documents. The citizens who applied for various processes can check the status of their applications and documents in the middle of the process while also finding additional resources on the website.
KIM Heon-Jun
Director General, MOIS / Senior Programme Management Expert, UNPOG, DPIDG, UN DESA
LEE Wonyoung
Deputy Director, MOIS / Manager, SDGs Coordination Team
JEONG Ewijeong
Associate Networking and Outreach Expert, UNPOG, DPIDG, UN DESA
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