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2018 UNPOG Speech Contest September 12, 2018
2018 UNPOG Speech Contest “Youth Engagement in the SDG Implementation"
DPIDG/UNPOG in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Safety (MOIS), the Ministry of Environment (ME), and the Incheon Metropolitan City government, co-organized SDG Speech Contest on 7 September 2018 at the G-tower, Incheon, the Republic of Korea. After successful completion of the 1st contest last year, this year’s contest topic was designed as “Youth Engagement in the SDG implementation” to emphasize the role of young people. Ten teams from university student groups and ten teams from the high school student groups were chosen to be finalists and invited to deliver their presentations in the final stage of the contest among the registered applicants from across the country. Approximately 200 audiences were participated form Incheon city to join in discussions on how to promote the implementation of the SDGs. Meanwhile, MOIS and ME, as co-hosts of the contest, awarded a Minister’s Prize to the Grand prize winners and four winners from the university student groups. Also, Incheon Metropolitan City awarded a Mayor’s Prize to the four high school winners. These prizes encourage every participant to consider the contest as a highly meaningful event. The other UN agencies also participated as the evaluation panels and promoted their activities to the audience.

  □ 행 사 명 : 제2회 UNPOG  Speech Contest “Youth Engagement in the SDG Implementation”
  □ 본선 일시 : ’18. 9. 7.(금), 14:00 ~ 17:00
  □ 본선 장소 : 인천 송도 G-Tower 민원동 3층 대강당
  □ 예선 접수 : 8. 10(금) ~ 8. 24(금) 오후 6시까지
  □ 예선 발표 : 8. 30(목) 서류심사 발표
  □ 참석 대상 : 전국 고등학생 및 대학생
  □ 발표 언어 : 영어
  □ 발표 주제 (그룹 2개 중 1개 선택)
  <그룹 A>
    - 유엔 지속가능개발목표 달성에 기여할 수 있는 지방정부의 적극적인 역할 수행 방안
    - 해결해야 할 국내현안에도 불구하고 국제사회의 발전에 적극적으로 참여해야 하는 이유
   <그룹 B>
    - 유엔 지속가능개발목표 달성에 기여할 수 있는 대한민국 청소년(청년)의 구체적 실천 방안
    - 유엔 지속가능개발목표 달성을 위한 대한민국의 역할과 구체적 실천 방안
 □ 주    최 : 유엔거버넌스센터, 행정안전부, 환경부, 인천광역시
 □ 시    상
  <그룹별> A : 장관상(행안부), B : 장관상(환경부)
   - 대상(전체) 1 (장관상)_*고등학생 가점부여 
   - 대 학 생 : 최우수상 1(장관상), 우수상 1(장관상) 
   - 고등학생 : 최우수상 1(시장상), 우수상 1(시장상)
 □ 예선 유형
   ○ 예선 : 서류 심사
   ○ 접수 : 웹하드 접수 (www.webhard.co.kr 접속 후 게스트 로그인 ID: sdg2018 / PW: unpog)  
                (신청서 1부, 5분내외 발표원고, 원본 PPT 파일 또는 PDF 파일, 사용한 글꼴 파일 첨부)
   ○ 발표원고 형식 : HWP형식, 5분내외 발표자료 
   ○ PPT 파일형식
       - 5분 내외 발표 자료
       - 첫번째 슬라이드에 본인이 선택한 주제, 제목, 이름, 소속 기재
       - 두번째 슬라이드에 제목만 기재
       - 두번째 슬라이드 이후 본인의 이름이나 소속을 명기하거나 암시하는 내용 포함 금지
  n  Date : September 7th, 2018(Fri) 14:00 ~ 17:30
  n  Venue : Culture Wing Grand Hall (3rd), G-Tower, Songdo, Incheon
  n  Target : University and High school Students
  n  Theme :"Youth engagement in the SDG implementation"
         (Select 1 among 2 groups) 
Group A
l  Action plans and the role of local governments for contributing to achieve the SDGs.
l  The reason for active participation for international development nevertheless there are domestic pending issues to solve
Group B
l  The Role of Youth’s Participation and Detailed Action Plans for Contributing to Achieve the SDGs
l  The Role of Republic of Korea and Detailed Action Plans for Achieving the SDGs
m  Schedule
  n  Reception: 2018. 8. 10.(Fri) ~ 8. 24. (Fri)
  n  Method: Upload manuscript, PPT material to WebHard (www.webhard.co.kr) as a guest (ID: sdg2018, PW: unpog)
  n  Preliminary results : 2018. 8. 30
       -    10 College students, 10 High school students
  n  Script Format: word document, script for a five minute speech
  n  Presentation Slides Format
       -    Presentation slides for a five minute speech, including a chosen topic, title, name, affiliated institution in the first slide
     -    Include the title only in the second slide, including a name and affiliated institution or including the contents that implies the name or affiliated institution is BANNED
  n  Criteria of Evaluation
Logical consistency between the subject and contents
Creativity and feasibility of contents
Completeness of PPT slides
m  Award (Prize and Gift)
Group A
Group B
Grand Prize
(Ministerial Prize)*
1 person
(College or High school) (Ministry of Interior and Safety)
1 person
(College or High school)
(Ministry of Environment)
1st Prize
1 from College
(Ministerial Prize)
1 from High school
(Mayoral Prize)
1 from College
(Ministerial Prize)
1 from High school
(Mayoral Prize)
2nd Prize
1 from College
(Ministerial Prize)
1 from High school
(Mayoral Prize)
1 from College
(Ministerial Prize)
1 from High school
(Mayoral Prize)
* There will be additional points for high school students
UNPOG : 2018 UNPOG Speech Contest
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