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2019 KIPA-KOICA-UN DESA International Forum June 11, 2019
In collaboration with the Korea Institute of Public Administration (KIPA) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), DPIDG/UNPOG co-organized an International Forum on “Public Governance and International Development Cooperation for Realizing the SDGs” on 10 June 2019 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The International Forum was attended by more than 100 participants from government agencies, academia, civil society organizations, private sector and international organizations. This is the first such collaboration among three agencies to discuss working together for better public administration capacity support to developing countries. Colleagues from several other international organizations such as the World Bank, UNESCAP and OECD Korea Policy Center also participated in the Forum.
Each institution/office organized one session and UNPOG/DPIDG/UNDESA organized the Session on Inter-Agency Coordination for Integration & Coherence of International Development Policies.  
The discussions from the Forum generated many insightful views and suggestions on enhancing international development cooperation, in particular, i) better alignment with national strategies and priorities and respecting policy space and leadership of countries; ii) integration across government agencies and between central and local governments; iii) ensuring measurable and sustainable impact; iv) operations and maintenance are more important for such projects as e-government, education and health; and v) civil service capacity building is critical.
Programme and Presentations  
. Opening
Host: Woohyun Shim
(Director, Division of International and Public Relations, KIPA)
Opening Remarks (10’)
Seong-ho Ahn (President, KIPA)
Congratulatory Remarks 1 (10’)
Ms. Sook-Hee BAEK (Vice President, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America Programs, KOICA)
Congratulatory Remarks 2 (10’)
Chae Gun Chung (Head, UNPOG/DPIDG/UN DESA)
Keynote Speech 1 (15’)
Jong-Il You (Dean, KDI School)
Keynote Speech 2 (10’)
Jaehyang So (Senior Adviser, Office of the Senior Vice President, 2030 Agenda, UN Relations and Partnerships, World Bank Group)
VIP Photo Session
Break time
. Session 1
Strategy to Innovate Public Governance and Development Cooperation In Korea
Moderator: Huck-ju Kwon
(Professor, Seoul National University
/President, KAIDEC)
Presentation 1. Partnerships among Korean Aid Agencies for SDGs (15’)
Sungsoo Jung
(Director, Program&Research Team, EDCF)
Presentation 2. Public Governance and International Development: Prospects and Challenges (15’)
M. Jae Moon
(Professor, Yonsei University)
Presentation 3. Innovation to address the SDGs financing gap (15’)
Sara Castro de Hallgren
(Programme Expert,
Discussion 1~3 (15’)
- Hyeon-Suk Lyu
(Director, Center for International Development and Cooperation, KIPA)
- Jin-sang, Lee
(Professor, The State University of New York Korea)
- Su-jeon, Song
(Governance Specialist, KOICA)
Break time
. Session 2
Ensuring Measurable and Sustainable Impact of International Development Projects for Strengthening Public Administration Capacity in African Countries
Moderator: Heon-Jun Kim
(Senior Programme Management Expert, 
Presentation 1. KOICA Governance Strategy in Africa (20’)
Je-Yun Choi (Manager, Country Program Planning and Coordination Department, KOICA)
Presentation 2. Case Study on the KOICA Project – Human Resources Development for Civil Service Capacity Building (20’)
Wellars Gasamagera (Director General, Rwanda Management Institute)
Discussion 1~2 (20’)
- Samuel Danaa 
(Associate Capacity Development Expert, 
- Joong-Hoon Park
(Emeritus Research Fellow, KIPA)
Break time
. Session 3
Building Effective Partnership for Strengthening Public Administration Capacity through International Development Projects
Moderator: Park Jae Shin
(Vice President, KOICA)
Presentation 1. Inter-Agency Coordination for Integration & Coherency of International Development Policies (20’)
Keping Yao
(Senior Governance and Public Administration Expert, UNPOG/DPIDG/UN DESA)
Presentation 2. Building Partnerships of the SDGs Localization among Local Governments; The Case of Republic of Korea (20’)
Wonkyu Shin
(Visiting Professor, Department of Global Commerce, Soongsil University)
Discussion 1~2 (20’)
- Nobuko Kajiura,
(Sustainable Development Officer, UN ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office)
- Han-Kyung Yi,
(Director-General, Public Governance Programme, OECD Korea Policy Center)
Closing Remarks

UNPOG : 2019 KIPA-KOICA-UN DESA International Forum
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