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Best Practices Case Studies with a Specific Reference to e-Government December 30, 2007
The UNGC Project Document closely links the implementation of the Project with the UN Public Service Awards, one of UNDESA’s major initiatives to facilitate the government reinvention efforts of Member States. Accordingly, the UNGC has undertook research on best practice cases in government reinvention based on past winners of the Award in order to identify and examine their success factors, as well as their degree of transferability into other national settings. Particular attention during the year 2007 was paid to the topic of e-government given that e-government has been one of the most eminent and persistent thematic components of UNGC’s activities. 
The project yielded a concerted set of case studies on local e-government, led by multiple consultants in the field. The focus was given to the in-depth comparative analysis of commonalities and specificities of three exemplary cases which have won the UN Public Service Award. The three cases consist of the following:
(1) ‘The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India: Citizen-Governance Partnership – A Good Governance Initiative’; 
(2) ‘The Municipal Government of Naga, Philippines: Encouraging Participation by Individuals in Governance – The i-Governance Initiative’; and
(3) ‘Republic of Korea: The Public e-Procurement Service’.
These case studies provided Member States with the cutting-edge information on evolving public sector innovations around the world. They also generated broader insights into viable models of cross-national policy adaptation, i.e. how innovations developed in one country may be adapted to work successfully in other jurisdictions. 
The outputs of this research activity were disseminated to a group of government officials and civil society members throughout an e-government workshop at the 2nd UCLG World Congress* and also made available to wider public through the UNGC website. In addition, the research team produced several manuscripts that have been submitted to a monthly Korean magazine titled Local Self-Government.
* The UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) World Congress is a large-scale biennial international conference which addresses issues and challenges related to local governments around the world, in the presence of more than 2000 international participants.  The 2nd World Congress was held in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 28 to 31 October 2007.
UNPOG : Best Practices Case Studies with a Specific Reference to e-Government
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