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Understanding Governance Challenges in Post Conflict Societies December 01, 2008

In alignment with the general agenda and activitied of DPADM, UNGC embarked on research on key issues and viable strategies of restoring governance in conflict and post-conflict countries.  Despite different types of international assistance, post-conflict societies have often failed to perform the most urgent and basic reconstruction functions, such as establishing safety and security, enhancing constitutional government, reconstructing infrastructure, and restoring public services. Most, though not all, of these societies suffer from weak governance and limited administrative capacity. The research project thus focuses on the strategies and lessons of experience about restoring effective governance that involves increasing the capacity of both the state and civil society to carry out significant reconstruction and development tasks. Rather than seeking for a universally-applicable model to the complex process of restoring governance and strengthening government, it will adopt a customized approach. Subject to this project will be the following countries from Asia and Africa: Timor Leste, Afghanistan, Liberia, Congo, Mozambique and Sudan. 

Since December 2007, UNGC initiated the research by engaging services of a consultant, who will produce a 50 page review of governance challenges and experiences in conflict and post-conflict countries. The outputs of the research will contribute to the discussions to be held during capacity development workshop/seminar on the same theme to be carried out in November 2008. 
UNPOG : Understanding Governance Challenges in Post Conflict Societies
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