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Inventory of Government Innovations and Good Governance in Asia December 01, 2008
The UNPOG has endeavored to undertake the compilation of on-going efforts and practices of government innovation good governance. In alignment with this, the project of ‘Inventory of Government Innovations and Good Governance’ attempts to analyze innovations and good practices in two thematic areas, i.e. transparency/accountability and state capacity. The aims of this project are three: first, it aims to investigate policy innovations based on good governance in 10 Asian countries; the second objective of this project is to examine the context of specific cases of good governance, its process and results; its third objective is to examine whether general conditions of good governance exist, and how such conditions can be replicated. The core issues examined include the following questions:
□    How did innovations emerge?
□    What were their underlying forces?
□    How effectively were the innovations implemented on the ground?
□    What were the immediate effects of the innovations?
□    What kinds of constraints existed in the design and implementation of the innovations?
□    To what extent could these innovation cases be transferred to other countries?
Subject to this project were ten Asian countries including Korea, China and Japan representing Northeast Asia; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore representing Southeast Asia; and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia representing Central Asia. These countries were chosen to maximize the effectiveness of comparative analysis as they exhibited similarities and/or differences in terms of economic development, socio-political culture, and geographic characteristics
The draft of this project, which has been conducted by a group of researchers, was completed and will soon be published. The project is to produce approximately 230 page publication that will contribute not only to making some generalizations about the conditions under which innovations and good practices can be transferred, but also to coming out with practical tools and knowledge kits for sharing of information among countries. The research output can also be utilized as one of the background documents for the UNPAN knowledge management system.
UNPOG : Inventory of Government Innovations and Good Governance in Asia
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