Participation in ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions August 14, 2017
ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions-Practical Lessons on Governance and Service Delivery for Subnational Governments
The Governance Thematic Group of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) jointly organized the 2017 Forum on Governance and Institutions in partnership with the United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG) and Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID), on 9-11 August 2017 in Seoul, Korea. This year’s topic was “Governance and Service Delivery: Practical Lessons for Subnational Governments.”  
The primary objectives of the 2017 Forum, with its focus on local level service delivery, were as follows: (1) put in context the need for better service delivery as part of the broader agenda of governance, including devolution and public sector management; (2) share information on global developments (such as Sustainable Development Goals) and the focus on inclusive local service delivery (such that no one is left behind); and (3) discuss priority reforms and innovations, as well as measures to strengthen the capacity of local and subnational governments, in improving service delivery.
The 2017 Forum generated active interactions and learning among global experts and DMC officials in the broad areas of governance through panel discussions after each session, knowledge and information sharing, and field visits to relevant government units in Korea.
Participants came from the following:
Countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.
Organizations: Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila (and various field offices); ADB Institute, Tokyo; Korea Development Institute, Sejong; Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute, Seoul; Korea Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Sejong; Korea Public Finance Information Service, Seoul; Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul; The Asia Foundation, Thailand; and United Nations Project Office on Governance, Seoul.

Venue: Seoul, Republic of Korea
ADB Organizer: Governance Thematic Group
Partner Organization: ADBI, KLID, UNPOG, KDI
Event Coordinator: Gambhir Bhatta
Topics: Capacity Development, Governance and Public Sector Management
DAY 1-09 August, 2017
Presentation Material
Session I: Opening Remarks
Video Message
Bambang Susantono
Vice President (Knowledge Management&Sustainable Development), ADB, Manila
Chul Ju Kim
Deputy Dean (Capacity Building and Training and Special Activities), ADBI, Toyko
Yeon-gi Son
President, KLID, Seoul
Chae Gun Cheong
Head, UN Project Office on Governance, Seoul
Group Photo and Tea/Coffee Break
Session II: Setting the scene-localizing global agendas
ADB's Governance Thematic Group 
Gambhir Bhatta
Local governance and institutions-The big picture and global trends
Soonhee Kim
KDI School of Public Policy and Management
What are implications for Local Governments and their Inclusive Service Delivery? 
Governments around the world can pursue sustainable development more effectively by embracing a whole of government approach in their adaptation
Keping Yao
21st Conference for the Parties: What are the Implications for Local Governments? 
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a universal sustainable development mechanism that includes climate change mitigation commitments...
Preety Bhandari
Discussants: From among participating government officials
Session III: The operating environment of local governments-focusing on multi-stakeholder engagement
Moderated by Gambhir Bhataa, Technical Advisor (Governance), ADB
Local Development Initiative through Inter-Local Mutual Cooperation 
Mutual cooperation among localities can promote economy of scale and scope in service delivery, and efficiency in resource utilization among...
Jeong-Ho Kim
Relationship with citizens-How to manage competing demands? How to enhance inclusiveness in service delivery?
Mark Koenig
Deputy Director&Urban Governance Specialist, Program Specialists Group, The Asia Foundation, Thailand
From among participating government officials: Seung Dae An, Director General, Local Administration Policy, Bureau, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Seoul; and Bart Edes (Advisor&Head, Knowledge Sharing and Services Center, ADB)
Hosted by ADBI
Session IV: The operating environment of local governments-focusing on fiscal policy
Fiscal risks of local government revenue (PRC)
Wang Guanghua
Principal Economist, EREA, ADB
Fiscal Decentralization and Local Budget Deficits in Vietnam: An Empirical Analysis 
Local fiscal policies play a significant role in Viet Nam's growth and development as a result of the budget alw promulgated in 2002 that...
Peter Morgan
Long Q. Trinh
Budgetary spillover effects in local governments
Soyoung Park
Associate Fellow, Korean Public Finance Information Service, Seoul
Discussants: From among participating government officials
Tea/Coffee break    
Session V: Lessons learned and future endeavors for augmenting local governance and smart city: Experiences in Korea
Moderated by Sang-Baek Chris Kang, Director of KLID, Korea  
Influences of e-government system for crystallizing local governance and innovations: KLID cases for local governments in Korea
Sang-Baek Chris Kang
Director of KLID, Korea
Big data application cases for enhancing e-government in Korea
Kibyoung Kim
Director of Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Korea
On 'smart cities'-Learning from Seoul Metropolitan Government
Yoonju Heo
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Summary of the day, and information sharing about field visits    
End of Day 1 Dinner Hosted by KLID

Day 2-10 August 2017
Presentation Material
Session VI: Field Visits
There will be field trips to two local government (in Seoul and surrounding area) to see first-hand how local governments provide services
Organized by UNPOG
Seoul Metropolitan Government: Manages the world's 16th largest city. Seoul also boasts a well resourced local government and then the broader area is gaining reputation as a "smart city"
City of Sejong: Has different, and unique experiences with regard to optimizing resources to deliver services for local residents while at the same time maintaining a particular relationship with central government.
Korea Development Institute (KDI) in Sejong itself: Globally recognized institution of higher learning and Korea's premier think tank. There is a renewed focus on local governance at KDI and participants will be exposed to the work of the Institute.
Hosted by KDI
Day 3-11 August 2017
Presentation Material
Session VII: Attempts at innovations in local governance across DMCs, and scaling them up
Case Study: Cambodia on Local Governance (and subnational investment facility)
Duch Mongsitana
Officer, Expenditure Management Office, Municipality and District Finance Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia
Development in Elderly Care in People's Republic of China and ADB's Involvement 
Yichang City has one of the highest population of elderly residents over the age of 60 in the People's Republic of China. Yet, the availability...
Alix Burell
Fiona Connell
Guangrui Xiao
Sofia Shakil
Governance and Service Delivery: Practical Lessons for Subnational Governments through a Case Study on ADB's Support to Nepal 
Success in the achievement of the sustainable development goals starts with localization of the global agenda that positively impacts the...
Bruno Carrasco
Discussants: From among participating government officials; and Ms. Rachana Shrestha, NRM, ADB
Hosted by ADBI
Session VIII: Where can ADB add value to the works of local governments and support PSM reforms?
Moderated discussions; panelists include:
Capacity Development for Growth and Poverty Reduction in Mindanao and Bangsamoro: A Medium to Long-Term Approach 
With its abundant natural resources, the second largest island of Mindanao has the potential to contribute more to the development of the...
Joven Balbosa
Emma Veve, Director, PAUS, Pacific Regional Department, ADB
Bruno Carrasco, Director, SAPF, South Asia Department, ADB
ADB: Key Issues in Urban Sector 
To address key urban challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, ADB is committed to promoting water security and urban mobility, as well as strengthening...
Vijay Padmanabhan
Discussants: Rabin Hattari, SEPF, ADB
Tea/Coffee break
Session IX: Widening the debate, and preparing for 2018-Discussions on service delivery by SOEs
To extend the discussions to the national stage again, in particular the use of SOEs to deliver services...this prepares the Forum next year's focus on this very important topic
Moderated by Gambhir Bhatta
Technical Advisors (Governance), ADB;
and with discussants from participating government officials
Session X: Concluding discussions, including the rapporteur's report, on Forum experiences and way forward
Moderated by Gambhir Bhatta, ADB
Forum evaluation and presentation of certificates
Closing Remarks
Gambhir Bhatta
Technical Advisor (Governance), ADB
Chul Ju Kim
Deputy Dean, ADBI
Sang-Baek Chris Kang
Director, KLID
End of Forum
Transportation will be provided to those interested to go to the city, with a return trip to the hotel at 9pm

UNPOG : Participation in ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions
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