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December 8, 2017


The symposium was a very meaningful event in a series of UN regional symposiums first launched last year by UNDESA for the implementation of the SDGs. 

Also, there was a study tour before symposium. It allowed participants to explore how local governments respond to various crises, such as natural and man-made disasters, and gave them a glimpse of the so-called "Smart City", the liveable, connected and sustainable City of the future. 

It also exposed participants to sustainable waste management and water treatment processes, a common urban challenge experienced all over the world.

By observing waste management facilities and water treatment processes, participants gained insight into how these urban issues are being treated in an eco-friendly way and recycled as new renewable resources.  

We hope that these experiences will help participants address similar challenges faced in their own municipalities and countries. 

The study tour contributed to trigger and sustain a variety of in-depth discussions on the implementation of SDGs, during the entire three-day duration of the Symposium.   

You can get a brief overview of the Symposium below:

First day, on 6th December, the theme was"Getting Institutions Organized for the Implementation and the Sustainable Development Goals“. So, in order to implement the SDGs in a more effective and efficient manner in each country, there is a need for "whole of government" and "whole of society" approaches to SDG implementation, involving a partnership between national institutions and society.

Second day, on 7th December, a discussion was on "Localizing the SDGs".  The theme focused on the implementation of SDGs as a local government level. For the discussion, we focused on how to strengthen cooperation between the central and local governments as a detailed topic and what capacity is needed for local government officials to implement SDGs. 

Third day, on 8th December, a presentation on the results of the capacity needs assessment survey, recently conducted by UNPOG to frame a common understanding of country efforts to implement the SDGs across Asia and the Pacific and Eastern Africa, was provided under the theme of "Review of SDGs Implementation and Accountability at Nation Level".  

Through this important and meaningful symposium, the various ideas related to the implementation of the SDGs will be shared among participants. Also, various examples of the Korean Government and other countries’ best practices were shared and benchmarked among each other. Thereby, we can expect that by 2030, implementation of SDGs will be achieved as scheduled. 

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