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Transforming Public Institutions for Effective Implementation of the SDGs

November 10, 2016


Opening Session

9:30 - 9:40

[Opening remarks]

Mr. Jae-hong Lim, Head of Office, UNPOG 

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SESSION I: Translating SDGs into National Development Plans - sharing country practices

9:40 - 10:40

ModeratorMr. Keping Yao, Governance and Public Administration Expert, UNPOG

Presentation 1: Uganda  

Ms. Sarah Nahalamba, Senior Planner Gender and Population, National Planning Authority (NPA), Uganda

Presentation 2: China 

Mr. Xin Xu, Deputy Director, National Development and Reform Commission, China

Presentation 3: Korea 

Ms. Nana Seo, Deputy Director of Development Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea

Discussion and Q&A

10:40 - 11:00


SESSION II: Institutional Coordination and Policy Integration for Implementing SDGs

11:00 - 12:10

ModeratorMr. Jae-hong Lim, Head, UNPOG

Presentation 1 - DPADM: Whole-of-Government approach 


Ms. Adriana Alberti, Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer, Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM), UNDESA

Presentation 2 - Indonesia: Country practice 

Mr. Leonard V. H. Tampubolon, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development, Planning Agency, Indonesia

Presentation 3 - Pakistan: Country practice 

Mr. Syed Tahir Hijazi, Member of Planning Commission (Governance and Reforms), Ministry of Planning, Reforms and Development, Pakistan

Discussion and Q&A

Discussant: Mr.  Jeongwon Yoon, Executive Director,  National Information Society Agency, Korea

12:20 - 14:


SESSION III: Bridging the Digital Divide for Inclusive Service Delivery

14:00 - 15:10

ModeratorMr. Khemera Mok, Director of E-Government Department, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodia

Presentation 1 - UNESCAP: E-government for women’s empowerment  

Ms. Sayuri Cocco Okada, Social Affairs Officer of the Social Development Division, UNESCAP

Presentation 2 - Timor Leste: Country practice (reducing the digital divide between countries) 

Mr. Abel Pires da Silva, Senior Telecommunications Adviser, Ministry of Public Works, Transports and Communications, Timor-Leste

Presentation 3 - Kenya: Mobile financial service for the financially excluded in society  

Mr. James Njeru, Assistant Director, Corporate Planning and Strategy, Communications Authority, Kenya

Discussion and Q&A

Discussant: Mr. Gordon Kalema, Director of e-Government, Ministry of Youth and ICT, Rwanda

15:10 - 15:15

Vote of Thanks and Closing Remarks

[Vote of Thanks]

Mr. Leonard V. H. Tampubolon

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs

Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency


Mr. Gundegmaa Jargalsaikhan

Director General

National Development Authority


[Closing Remarks]

Mr. Jae-hong Lim



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