Three Components

Capacity Development
Organizing the Regional Forum on Reinventing Government in Asia and the Pacific
Organizing a capacity development workshop at the Global Forum on Reinventing Government
Devising education and training workshops and programmes for Member States and relevant organizations on governance related topics
Research and Policy Development
Compiling research on current and emerging trends in governance at the international and regional levels
Analyzing successful best practices, innovations and reform processes within and across regions to determine commonalities
Synthesizing the lessons learned to develop strategies and guidelines under a variety of different scenarios and contexts that will help to provide a greater understanding of the factors
Researching on major innovations, good practices and government reinvention processes and providing recommendations for their regional or international transferability
Disseminating the results of research through capacity development workshops, partner networks, UNPOG website and publications
Contributing to policy recommendations for their regional and international transferability and providing suggestions for the direction and approaches of strategies
Communications and Outreach
Designing, developing and maintaining a website that contains results of major studies undertaken, materials distributed in training workshops and seminars that UNPOG has organized or sponsored, online information on governance topics, links to institutional partners, description of upcoming events, etc.
Disseminating information through a regularly distributed electronic newsletter
Building information networks with relevant organizations specializing in governance and institutional partners by approaching partners with compatible governance-focus
Conducting outreach to governments and NGOs with interest in the themes, and provide customized advisory services to Member States and relevant organizations that will help identify viable strategies and guidelines toward better governance